Although this is a out-of-world wiki of Fantasy and stuff, it still has it's rules. These rules may be easy to follow to some, and hard to follow for others, regardless you must Follow the rules, if you don't comply. This may result in a Ban/ Block.


Harrassment is not allowed in this wiki, never the less, in any wiki i know. Harrassment of any kind, like asking where one lives, or asking for a picture of them (Being the actaul person, not the Rp'ing character), is strictly nonsence. If there is an accusation, and proof of this happening, there will be a ban in-store for anyone who doesn't follow. 


Rudeness will also not be tolerated. Simple as that. It may be ok, if your Rp character is naturally rude. But not all the time, if there's a big part, and constant rude state, you will be banned/ blocked. 


Death on another roleplayer will only happen if the other person agrees! We don't want only one person alive!

Extreme GoreEdit

Disgusting and extremely bloody scenes are not allowed, nor it is tolerated. There will be a punishment for anyone who doesn't follow this rule.

Sexual Scenes/ Birthing Scenes/ Force MatingEdit

Scenes of Sex, birthing and other adult things are strictly forbidden. Mating is not allowed unless the other user agrees. Mating must not be described or roleplayed. Anyone doing it will be punished. 


Giving yourself Gems, diamonds, pets or items when you didn't earn them is very bad. If you are found doing this, you will be banned/ blocked for some time. If you do this over five times, you will be blocked indefinitely.

That covers most things, and may more things be added as the wiki grows. Good day!