A new mechanic for ALL users to partake in. All Righted-Users can make them. IF you are a Non Righted user, you may ask us if you want to make one.

City of the Dead

The hint we got led to us finding an abandoned twoleg city! This city has many undead cretures lurking through it. At the moment, I am making it safe enough to have people there.

Special Saturday!

A friend of mine has seen great things, bieing a charity for the LLS! Youtuber, NatewantstoBattle has started a charity lasting ONLY ONE DAY!!! To help him, come to this link to get an awesome t-shirt for an awesome cause!

New Newspaper!

In the past few issues of the Newspaper,a cintest was held for a new newspaper member. The member who won was Elise. She will have a special newspaper every  tuesday

Yours Truly,

Frosty Chupacabra

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