The Outback of the Holy is here!

That's right,we finnaly have oppened it up to the public! Be sure to stay away from the animals there,for they are ultimately evil!!!!


A special Halloween guest has a SPECIAL MISSION for our very own Spirit Crow! Here is your mission Spirit!

Help a family across a horde of zombies!NONE OF THEM CAN BE BIT! They are located in The Jungle of Essence!-Chris Redfield


This is a very special diamond challenge I have for you all! What should we add to our website? The special thing is that not only will the winner recieve 10 diamonds,but the mechanic will also be added!

Newspaper Winner!

Elise is our winner,I will tell you when it is your turn,starting next week! Congratulations!!!

From your's truly, Frosty!

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