Alright people, hello! 

I am Spirit-Crow. An admin of this soon-to-be-epic Wiki. I have a couple of Updates that i would love to share. So, let's start. It'll be seperated into groups, like Official Updates/ Reasons for something/ Poll etc. etc. 

The REAL updates

Ok guys, so. A couple of updates. 

  • Categories.

Well, we all know something about these portals. They're awesome, and useful. So, i've had some fun with Categories, and decided to put "Maps" as a category, if you've seen on 'The Mountain of Ice', and 'Bamboo Grove'. I urge you people, to use Categories too! They're so excellent. Now.. Next. 

  • More pictures. 

So, next. It's pictures. I can't help it, but a text of Paragraph looks even better with Photos/ Pictures of any sort. I was thinking, each page, or most pages. Need to have at least one photo, so if you browse through the pages, you can see what say.. 'Vocaronessetulya' is. Instead of text explaining nothing, it could be a photo of a.. Volcano! Or something along those lines.

  • Links

You guys know how much i love links right? So, i added a couple of links around the place, and all that. Not a big update, but it's kinda important in a way. Well, that's it for the fail-type updates. 


Ok, now.. Some suggestions. 

  • Welcome to new Users!

I was thinking, that on the front page where it says Admins, and stuff like that (I seem to be popular :b) We could write an Introduction for the wiki, on a seperate page which informs users about daily quests, and shops and stuff. And maybe even a starting currency like 20 Gems, or something. 

  • More polls, and opinionated objects of some sort. 

Alright, more Polls, and Stuff as said above. More polls, for new map ideas? I don't know. More Statistics, or something that makes the wiki grow. 

  • Weekly update blogs.

Like i am doing right now, and maybe in these Blogs. There could be Suggestions, updates (Like i am doing) 

That's all for now, actually.. One more thing.

Special Welcome for a new user, that'll make the wiki more friendly.. It's Elise!  

Ok people, i'm done. 


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