Ok people, it's your favorite admin ;D Spirit-Crow. Or, Vicious-Crow as you probably know me Cassie

Well, this blog has a purpose. To raise awareness for chicken wings :D Just kidding. It's about the wiki. Now, i'm sure that Founder -- Chup will agree, and Aether too, that this is a beautiful wiki preparing for epicness (Yes i just made that word up, problem?) Now, there will soon be a 2-week forum, that will be ideas, for the wiki, and maps, and stuff like that. That way -- we don't need to bury our heads in the sand, and wait for others to think of answers themselves! Anyhow..

.. Soon, also. I will make a story :O It wil suck. It'll be great ;D Now, it'll involve the wiki, and you guys! Enough talk about the fabulous idea, of Novels. It's for this wiki.. To.. Be.. More active! That'll mean, probably posting the wiki's main page link on you guys' profiles, on other awesome wikis, and then there's the old-fashioned way -- Asking. Who does that anymore?. 

Now, we will need more people therefore RESPONSIBLE people, not douchbags.. And, more admins, and stuff like that! Soon this'll be a glorious wiki, with partnerships from all sides! See you laterrrrr. 


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