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    Updates and stuff.

    October 31, 2014 by Caterpie-Face

    Hello ya'll. I need to explain some stuff, so please, listen to this;

    I might as well say, that i'm becoming less active since I have school, and I want to get good grades, and this wiki ain't doing much for my learning. God, I sound like my dad .. Anyhow, school is more important than this, so soon, IF school work makes it too hard for me to be here, then i'll have to quit .. 

    So that's my big news -- Failing at school, how wonderful. Anyhow, I've been around this wiki in a couple of minutes, and i've seen all the stuff that's different such as Guilds and stuff. I've even replied to some threads .. I might stick to my normal hours, due to above. And I might not even be on here for a week. But I'll try my hardest to come, and chat, and help …

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  • Caterpie-Face

    Need To Do

    September 6, 2014 by Caterpie-Face

    Hello, it's Spirit-Crow. Today - it's time - to discuss some things that would be relevent to this wiki. Mainly, more people. 

    More people, is what we need. I suggest.. Reaching out to your individual wikis, and gathering people to this wiki. Even people from other Rp wikis. But before that we need to clean up. It would be easy if we did this in Real Life, but unfortunately we can't. So it'll be hard, as most of us have two-five days unavailable. Well, i'll state my Wiki hours, note: They might be different in your time zone, so be aware of that. 

    Monday: 3:30 PM - 8:30 PM,   Tuesay: Same thing.

    Wednesday: Same thing,  Thursday: Same thing.

    Friday: Same thing,   Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

    Also, since we might get some new people. We need to ma…

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  • Caterpie-Face

    Wiki Updates

    August 31, 2014 by Caterpie-Face

    Alright people, hello! 

    I am Spirit-Crow. An admin of this soon-to-be-epic Wiki. I have a couple of Updates that i would love to share. So, let's start. It'll be seperated into groups, like Official Updates/ Reasons for something/ Poll etc. etc. 

    Ok guys, so. A couple of updates. 

    • Categories.

    Well, we all know something about these portals. They're awesome, and useful. So, i've had some fun with Categories, and decided to put "Maps" as a category, if you've seen on 'The Mountain of Ice', and 'Bamboo Grove'. I urge you people, to use Categories too! They're so excellent. Now.. Next. 

    • More pictures. 

    So, next. It's pictures. I can't help it, but a text of Paragraph looks even better with Photos/ Pictures of any sort. I was thinking, each page, or …

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  • Caterpie-Face

    Some Updates

    August 20, 2014 by Caterpie-Face

    Ok people, it's your favorite admin ;D Spirit-Crow. Or, Vicious-Crow as you probably know me Cassie

    Well, this blog has a purpose. To raise awareness for chicken wings :D Just kidding. It's about the wiki. Now, i'm sure that Founder -- Chup will agree, and Aether too, that this is a beautiful wiki preparing for epicness (Yes i just made that word up, problem?) Now, there will soon be a 2-week forum, that will be ideas, for the wiki, and maps, and stuff like that. That way -- we don't need to bury our heads in the sand, and wait for others to think of answers themselves! Anyhow..

    .. Soon, also. I will make a story :O It wil suck. It'll be great ;D Now, it'll involve the wiki, and you guys! Enough talk about the fabulous idea, of Novels. It's …

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