I just thought of doing a list of things we should accomplish. Not trying to be bossy or anything :c

  1. Wikia maps could be made. Click 'maps' on the top navigation bar. I'm not too sure about the rest because I don't normally have time for making them.
  2. More pages, more info blah blah... If we get big enough, we could promote this wiki to appear on the offical wikia's website. That could help with getting new users, but we could leave that stuff behind for now.
  3. Reach 10 pictures. I was looking around in the admins dashboard and noticed this bit called Tasks. Our current task is to get at least 10 pics on articles.
  4. Start up the new shrine. Someone make a new mission and put prizes in the new shrine.
  5. Maybe we could make a story for the AJ stories wiki? Just a suggestion.
  6. Favicon. I don't like the look of that [ ]. Don't rush with this one.
  7. Ask your friends. Ask people on other wikis or real life friends if they would like to join.
  8. Ermm.. maybe we could make a glossary with all those words we use on the wiki? Maybe we could add new ones.
  9. Get someone who can code on this wiki. I can't code (I wish I could), so maybe it would be good to get someone to do some stuff to make the wiki better....? It could make bots and new emotes for chat?
  10. More links. Links are fun and good!

I guess thats it for now (I probaly missed out some things. Sorry, I was quite tired when I typed this)

Aether the Wyvern (talk) 18:11, September 21, 2014 (UTC)

PS: I'm only active on Fri, Sat and Sunday.

PPS: Make sure you select 'Custom Maps' if you are making a wikia map. Also make them off the page maps (ugh, so hard to explain).

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