Hey everyone! Today I created dungeons and I just wanted everyone to know about these ideas for them.

1. Dungeons cost 1 diamond to create (is that ok?)

2. Anyone can add new stages to created dungeons (if they are active and mature)

3. Dungeon prizes should get better every stage

4. Please make every stage harder than the last

5. Don't godmod (bad example: GODLY POWERS DESTROY WHOLE DUNGEON AND TAKES ALL REWARDS IMMEDIATLY!! good example: Takes out long sword and slays the griffins then procceds to next area.) I don't really need to say this as we have loads of mature and good users on this wiki c:

6. It would be nice to have a boss/hard stage at the end

And some great news, ITS MAH BIRTHDAY!!! (September 1st)

Thanks!  Aether the Wyvern (talk) 01:54, September 1, 2014 (UTC)

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