Twolegs are the main endangerment of many animals and creatures. Twolegs have what their name suggests; Two legs, which consists of hardened material wrapped around them, and stopped at the waist. They may wear dangly material things, some only if they have long hair. Twolegs have various colored materials wrapped around them.


Twolegs have tried -and failed- to claim many of our lands; Bamboo Grove, The Crystal Cavern, Indigo Plains, Jungle of Essence, but thankfully, we have defeated them there and protected our lands from the twolegs and their machines.

Powers Edit

Twolegs have no known powers, but they may have their rumble monsters that aid them in battles.

Significant TwolegsEdit

Girl Twoleg -- Mentioned in many Ripped journal.

Boy Twoleg -- Mentioned in many Ripped pages.

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