The Labyrinth is an underground maze-like place, full of twisting hallways and deadly traps. One wrong choice and you will die. Many twolegs have entered it, but none of them had ever got out. The Labyrinth is guarded by the mighty Minotaur, who will kill anyone in his range. The Minotaur was locked at the Labyrinth by the twolegs, he was a failed experiment, a monster.

There is a legend, which says in the center of the Labyrinth lies a magnificent treasure, along with a lake of pure gold, which is said to give immortality to whoever drinks of it. But no one ever made it to prove that feat true or not.


In the ancient times, the Labyrinth used to be a gigantic twoleg town, with millions of citizens. Untill one of their scientists created the Minotaur. With all his might and power, the Minotaur created a terrible earthquake which buried the town deep under the ground. From this day on, twolegs started researching the place. We have found only one thing left from them: an old torn journal with the name E. S. Blake on it. The last written page reads:

"It have been a whole week since I last saw the sunlight. I am now lost in this hell hole. I haven't eaten in three days and I think I'm getting hallucinations. Yesterday I saw a horrible creature, it had the torso of a man and the head of a bull. It said: "Fool, you have tresspassed my territory. I give you one last chance to turn back and leave forever, but if you don't... then you're about to lose your life!" I'm not sure if t's real or not." "But it doesn't matter to me now. All I want now is to die and leave this hell! I hate this place.. But it's too late now. Too late."

A Lady Brinth FTW

Crow's Eye View of the Maze