The first user to complete this dungeon will receive 20G (TAKEN)

A secret lab underneath the world.It is filled with scary experiments that have a thirst for blood.Will you be the next experiment, or reach amazing treasures?

Stage 1 Edit

You enter through an elevator shaft. Everything seems quiet, until many lasers from a security system comes towards you. There is no escape. How will you stop the lasers?

Reward for completing this stage: 15G.

Stage 2 Edit

That was impossible how you got out! Suddenly, a hoard of zombies comes near. How will you escape this hoard from turning you into one of them?

Reward for completing this stage: Undead-Orb.

Stage 3 Edit

After getting past the zombies, you see a door with a code. You type in the code wrong then robots attack you! How will you kill the robots?

Reward for completing this stage: Pet Robot Baby.

Stage 4 Edit

You destroy the last robot. Suddenly, you see a dwolek doctor. He is carrying a syringe. You can't kill him or you will not be able to get out. How do you defeat him?

Reward for completing this stage: Book of Poison Magic.

Stage 5 Edit

The doctor is now defeated. An emergency lock-down begins. You have to get out of the building!

Reward for completing this stage: 30G.

Final Stage Edit

You get out of the building. You think it is over when suddenly, an alien busts through the door! You have to do something! Kill, or befriend him?

Reward for completing this stage: 1D, Pet Zombie Kid.

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