Spirit-Crow is a crow. Not an ordinary one, but more of the Shaman variety. He summons animals, and pets to his aid, almost everywhere. He used to be evil, and used to be known as Vicious-Crow. This all changed once he got his Pet Eagle, whom was touched by god himself. No one knows where Spirit-Crow's Darkness has been teleported to. But there's one thing that hasn't changed. He still hates humans. 


As shown in the picture to the left. Spirit-Crow is a Pitch-black crow with a ring necklace of leaves, he uses in his summonings. His claws sharp, and his beak tough. His head is round, and his eyes are blood red. His tail feathers, and wing feathers are missing feathers from earlier fights, most being lost from the battle of Bamboo Grove, which he defended with his pets, and his kamikaze crows. Mentally, Used to be bad and evil. Now Spirit-Crow is calm, nice and ready to help animals of all kinds. Crow's kindness now shows as his personality changes to totally peaceful. Spirit-Crow has forgotten the past, and now worries about now. He thinks the future will be a burden, but with his friends.. He's ready. 


  • Agate, Malachite, Amazonite, 
  • Rock magic, and Poison Magic Book
  • Jar of poison, Giant Mutant Insect container
  • Undead, Light and (legendary) Ice Orb


  • Pet Viper
  • Pet Tiger 
  • Pet Lizard
  • Pet Jackal
  • Pet Komodo
  • Pet Grizzly Cub
  • Pet Wolf
  • Pet Eagle
  • Pet Python
  • Pet Licker


Alliance: Good. And will always be good.     

Cot crow