Creation Shrine

Located on the Mountain of Ice, the creation shrine was made by Frosty.

In a distant time, many travelers came here looting many artifacts, and treasures left behind somehow..

Find the New Shrine.. Here

Snow Creature Quest Reward! (Closed) Edit

1: Mouse

2: Lizard

3: Guppy

4: Pigeon

Protection Quest Reward! (Closed) Edit





Bamboo Grove Quest Reward! (Closed) Edit



3.Tiger Cub

4.Red Panda

Defeating the Manticore Quest Reward! (Closed)Edit

1. Ruby (worth 5 currency) TAKEN

2. Sapphire (worth 10 currency) TAKEN

3. Iron (worth 5 currency)

4. Pearl (worth 15 currency) TAKEN

5. Agate (worth 10 currency) TAKEN

6. Melanite (worth 5 currency)

once an item is chosen by someone, it becomes unavailable to others, so complete the mission quick!

Panda Rescue Quest Reward! (Closed) Edit

1. Chinese Dragon Baby 1. Dragon Breath

2. Komodo Dragon Baby 2. Poison Claws

3. Sea Serpent Baby 3. Water Spell Book

4. Manticore Baby 4. Shape-Shifting Head

Ally and Destroy Quest Reward! (Closed)Edit

1. Actinotlite cat's eye (10g) TAKEN

2. Malachite (15g) TAKEN

3. Obsidian (15g) TAKEN

4. Maw-sit-sit (15g) TAKEN

5. Moldavite (10g)

6. Moonstone (10g)

New Region Quest Reward! (Closed) Edit


2.Grizzly Bear Cub

3.Cougar Cub

Defending Bamboo Quest Rewards! (Closed)Edit

1. Condour 1. Random Element orb.

2. Tigress 2. Random Element orb.

3. Wolf 3. (Lengendary) Ice orb. (Can only become one with the wolf)

Invasion Quest Reward! (Closed due to Mountain of Ice Melting)Edit

1. Morganite (10g)

2. Amazonite (25g) TAKEN

3. Amber (25g) TAKEN

4. Ametrine (10g)

5. Onyx (15g) TAKEN

6. Opal (10g) TAKEN