Re-made shrine (or new Creation Shrine) is the newest installment of the Shrines scattered. Before this Shrine, the old Shrine (Broken Shrine) had been re-made thanks to many animals banding together, and keeping the mountain from disolving, while keeping the Twolegs away! An accomplishment that should be celebrated!


Before this lovely upgraded shrine was made, it was a normal get-and-go shrine, with prizes ranging from Pets, to Minerals (Currency) coming from the heavens. The shrine was soon to be discovered as it was melting and making quite a stir in Twoleg activity.

The shrine disolved for unknown reasons, soon to be discovered by the Monkey Lord, as he has learned the Twoleg tongue. Once it was disolving, it was melting faster than anything seen. Ice turning to water.. Mountain turning to dust..

But together, the animals of the region banded together, and worked through their differences to simply re-create this now beautiful shrine. They kept Twolegs away, and built many hours, and finally..

It was done, the Shrine was rebuilt. The Monkey Lord added many features, as a gateway to what seems to be Heaven itself.

No. 1Edit

A. Boa Constrictor

B. Python

C. Rattlesnake

D. Adipose

No. 2 Edit

A.Minotaur Calf TAKEN

B.Rock (stone)

C.Chupacabra pup TAKEN

D.Dragon Hatchling TAKEN

No. 3 Edit

A.Fire element sword TAKEN

B.Earth element Staff

C.Water element dagger

D.Air element bow and arrows TAKEN

E.Light element dagger TAKEN

F.Shadow element warhammer TAKEN

No. 4 Edit

A. Freddy's Hammer

B. Bonnie's Glove

C. Chica's Knife TAKEN

D. Foxy's Sword TAKEN

No.5(There are multiple of each) Edit

A.Zombie Dog

B.Zombie Shark


D.Mutated Bug

No.6 (There are multiple of each) Edit



C.Shape Shifter

D.Psychotic Video-Game Girl Friend

No.7 (One of each) Edit

A.Angel Blade

B.Demon Knife TAKEN

C.Colt (only 6 shots) TAKEN

D.Holy Water

No.8 (One of each) Edit

A.Michone's Kitana TAKEN

B.Carol's Sniper Rifle TAKEN

C.Rick's Gun

D.Daryl's Cross Bow

No. 9 Edit

A. Potion of Life (gives you a bonus life)

B. Potion of Speed (gives you speed powers)

C. Potion of Invisibility (makes you invisible)

D. Shape-Shifting Potions:

D1. Dragon Potion

D2. Golem Potion

D3. Griffin Potion

D4. Hydra Potion