The Mountain of Ice was the first Landmark and Region founded by our ancestors, and all those years. The twolegs haven't tried to go here. Probably because of how cold it is. The Mountain itself is tall, and tall enough to reach the clouds. Though the snow is incredibly thick, there's only some trace at the very bottom. But, there is a whole load at the very top of the Mountain, the climate is cold. And nothing Twoleg can survive it. 


There isn't much history about this gigantic mountain. Before our animal ancestors came, the whole place was guarded by this ancient alien race, that could suprisingly withstand the cold. They enslaved eachother in a fashion that was truly un-speakable. Then, frosty and his Ice creatures attacked the alien-like race, and they enventually left. Frosty and his beautiful creations lived at the mountain ever since. To this day, he dreads the sight he has seen.. And wishes never to speak of it again. 

A diary page thought to have been written by Frosty was found..

"Those aliens have killed my father now.. He always wanted me to carry his wish of finding this mountain. Tomorrow, I will lead my friends to victory in this battle. The twolegs have attacked us as well. There is one twoleg that is kind though.. Yea yea, I kinda like her.. She will never like me..I will write more tomorrow.."

This page; has shown some of Frosty's brief passion of the twolegs. Unlike most animals.