A light pixie

Light pixies are small creatures, slender and beautiful, about as big as a twoleg's hand. They may look harmless, but beware! They have powerful light magic! Twolegs have allied with them, in order to slay all Shadows, but little they know, they have been used by twolegs to make powerful light machines. The light pixies communicate in Aradium, the ancient fairy language.


The light pixies are made entirely by light, which makes their skin glow. They are slender, and most of them have wings, but the smaller ones' wings are more transparent than the others. The biggest of them are big as a twoleg's hand, while the smaller ones, are big just as a thumb. They have long silver or white hair and pointed ears.


Pixies have powerful and deadly light magic, which can make who ever holds it infinite powers and immortality.


Light pixies are one of the most ancient creatures on the lands. They are first discovered by twolegs in this journal page, found in Bamboo Grove;

"I can't believe what I just saw. It looked like an angel, so beautiful and gentle... I haven't seen any creature like this before. I first thought it was a hallucination. But how can it be real? I thought fairies were just in fairytales and legends. But now... I know it's real. It helped me find the way out of this forest. I had been lost there, walking in circles for what seems like AGES! I have to show this... fairy to the others. Otherwise, they won't believe me..."

The pixie had most possibly ended being studied and experimented with by twolegs, or even killed by them.