The Jungle of Essence is a mystical jungle, and Spirit-Crow's birthplace. This Jungle has been here for many, many generations. There are huge amounts of Animals, and Flora which all live in harmony. The air around the Jungle is a kind of aroma, that acts as a shield to projectiles, from outside. Spirit-Crow left this place, when he became evil. Now, that he is good. He currently is planning to go back. Twolegs never toyed with this place, because of the fact that the gas is poisonous to twolegs, thank god!


This place has been ancient from when the earth was made. This of three places were luckily not destroyed from the Meteorite that collided with earth. Spirit-Crow has much origin in this place, as he was the one that made the mist in the first place, and thank god he did. Once the twolegs found out about this area, they didn't see the mist at the time, as it was inactive and weak. Luckily, Crow made it just in time, and so.. The animals lived in peace and harmony for about three generations. Then darkness seeped into the land, and got hold of Spirit-Crow. He stank of Death, and horrid stenches. He left this place unprotected. Then.. Darkness came into the air freely mashing with the aroma. And soon, making insanity monsters. 

Since Spirit-Crow is Good, and free of the darkness. There is much to do.. And he needs to do it soon, or the darkness will spread. He needs to kill the darkness once, and for all. With his trusty Light-Eagle. He'll banish all the darkness before it gets anymore animals, or even him. He needs to find out how to get the stench out of the now-polluted animals. This is when he enlisted the wise monkey lord from Indigo Plains, the place of the outback. The inhabitants are free of Darkness, and can't be polluted in anyway. As well as the lord himself. Spirit-Crow hopes he can save his home in time, before it's too late.

Another page from a female twoleg was found..

"The boy took me here... I love him and, I don't know any more. A Shaman-like Crow gave me shelter and I thanked him gratefully.. He told me he knew the boy.. He is taking me to the I..."

It seems the rest of the page was torn by some bushes, looking like beak marks on the two top edges. There might be more to this Entry than meets-the-eye.


The Jungle, when the aroma was weak.