Indigo plains. The homeland of the Monkey Lord himself. This place has been avoided by most twolegs thanks to this creature, but it is still very unsafe for other life-forms. Most of this area is inhabited by monkeys and chimps. They are quite dangerous due to their tendency of killing things with stolen twoleg artillery and other stuff. If you came to these plains to look for treasure, then turn back.

All of the riches have been taken to lie in the Monkey lord's gold room in his huge temple. If you are willing to go through armies of chimpanzees, then come in, and risk your life! If you make it into the gold room of the Monkey Lord's temple, he will help you. You will be granted a single wish and, he will offer to travel by your side everywhere for a week. This seems to be rare though.


Once before the Monkey Lord ruled over this land, Twolegs used to use this place. They hunted animals, and stacked them into their trucks. The Monkey Lord, didn't find this the least bit flattering, so he went around the regions, and held a band of blood-hungry monkeys, and chimps that would free this land of the Twolegs. Many monkeys died, but died heroic deaths, as finally. The war was over, and the Mokey Lord won. He swore that if a Twoleg ever stepped a foot onto this land, we would end it's life.

While the Monkey Lord stole bits from the debris, he found a Hunter's journal. It had the amount of Animals caught that day:

"Rhinos: IIII Zebras: I Cheetah: Lion: II Gazelles: IIII Buffalos: III Other animals not specificied: I"

It appears the hunter only made it through a couple of hours, 'til the Monkey Lord caught him. Good thing too! Too many animals were slaughtered by that Twoleg. Finally, he falls.


Middle of one of the fields