Elementals are creatures made out of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Most of them are vicious, but some are friendly and willing to help us.

Known Types of Elementals Edit

Fire Elementals Edit

Also known as phoenixes, Fire Elementals are winged creatures made entirely out of fire. They don't like trespassers on their territory and will try to kill any creature that comes near them. They are the hardest to defeat, as they would respawn from their ashes and attack you again. The best way to defeat them is to use Water Orbs.

Earth Elementals Edit

Earth Elementals are made out of rocks and stones bound together with vines of poison ivy. They usually wander through the underground areas and around Bamboo Grove. They aren't as vicious as the Fire Elementals, as they would help anyone in danger, unless you anger them. They are easier to defeat: you can just cut off the vines that keep them in place, but it's rarely in need to do it. Earth Elementals can help you on quests.

Air Elementals Edit

Not much is known about them: They are transparent, you can rarely see their outline, and mostly just the aura of light that surrounds them. They are rare to find, as the only ones seen are in the City of Death, which is still not much explored. Even if they look harmless, they are easily angered.

Water Elementals Edit

Water Elementals are made out of ice and water, usually taking a humanoid form, but there have been seen a few with a wolf shape. They can manipulate liquids to kill you if you hurt one of them. Some of them live on the islands, where treasures are claimed to be hidden. However, no one ever got to them because of the Water Elementals guarding the treasures.