The first user to complete this dungeon will receive 15g TAKEN

A huge slimy cave.... filled with the bones of other defeated creatures.... Will you make it out? Or will the dragons devour you?


You enter an empty room. You decide to carry on flying/walking. Suddenly, spikes come out of the walls! They are coming closer and closer to you. How do you get out of this situation?

Reward for completing this stage: 10g


Phew! You got out of that, but now you have been surrounded by some wind dragons! What do you do?

Reward for completing this stage: Pet pit viper


You enter. Some tiny pixies follow you. They look too small and pathetic to harm you, but they have some really powerful light magic! They capture you in a bright cell. How do you escape and defeat them?

Reward for completing this stage: Light element orb


In this damp area is a huge cobra... its fangs are filled with deadly venom! How do get past this beast without getting poisoned?

Reward for completing this stage: A jar filled with the poison of the cobra


Here you are... At the end of this dungeon! There waiting for you is a powerful magic dragon. Suddenly, you are picked up and flung. Your feathers/scales/fur/skin tears against the hard mossy stone wall of the area. "Boo hoo, you came so far! But now it is time to end your life, fool".

Reward for completing this stage: Book of rock magic, Pet Siamese cat, 20g

Well done!