14 year old Midnight

14 year old Midnight.

14 year old Cassie

14 year old Cassie.

Pigeon pet

Her pigeon pet! (sorry this was drawn fast)


9 year old Cassie.

Evil side

9 year old evil Midnight.

Cassie is a main character in the Magic! series and an OC of Foxstar241. She hates evil.


  • She can control the ocean and rivers.
  • She can communicate with animals and send a signal to make them come to her location.
  • She is immortal so she can't die.
  • She can turn intangible (can't be touched)


  • She can't protect herself from dark energy blasts.
  • If she uses Kamikaze Crows (when she's not in her Evil form) she can't use water powers for 4 hours.
  • Her intangibility is useless against others who also use intangibility.
  • She can still get injured despite her immortality.


  • Everyone but Evil characters: Friends
  • Evil characters: Enemies