Hello there fellow Rp'ers! This page is specifically for newbies on this wiki. 

What is roleplay?Edit

Roleplaying is when you act out something in words, starting it with - or *. For example: *Eats human trespasser.* If you're indeed Roleplaying, be sure to use " " with text in between when you're talking. Example: "Haha! You got me!"

Starting out!Edit

You should take a look at our homepage if you haven't already. It shows our active admins, chat moderators and our founder.

Look at the rules! These are very important. Remember that if you break any of them, you will be warned. If you ignore your warning and carry on breaking a rule, you will be blocked for some reasonable time.

On this wiki we have currency (Money). When you finish reading the rules, you should put a section on your userpage with Gems and Diamonds. Gems can be earned by doing certain missions, while Diamonds can be received once a week if you are a good user or, by transferring, (See the market place). Once you get Diamonds or Gems, put your current amount on your userpage 'Gems' section (Which you may make manually)

It's good to alert one of us Admins/chatmods/ about you joining. We can answer any questions you have. The list of people that can help you are on the list on our homepage.

Registering your Creature (For RP) Edit

You can register your creature here. Make your description interesting with good grammar. Do not make your character a Mary sue (overpowered).