Welcome to the region of Bamboo Grove. It recently got discovered by Twolegs thousands of years ago. Our Ancestors stole it, and haven't been seen since. Twolegs re-discovered this place after a earthquake that revealed a cave of which was a tunnel that led to this marvelous place. Yet the twolegs didn't realise. The latest generation has claimed it. And so, that led to the great battle a year ago between the animals, and the Twolegs. Guess who won? Us. There are a range of animals living in this beautiful and peaceful place. It was stated as a 'grove' by twolegs generations ago, although it has turned out to be more of a village, but bigger. 

History Edit

Bamboo grove has a big chunk of history streaming from it, even since the old days, where animals used to rule. At that time, the place was at harmony. Then the Twolegs came.. Many animals faithfully defended this place, and many died couragously. Somehow, we won the war. Then. The twolegs came to discover this place once more. Which lead to the Great war. Which once, we got into it, won. While we were looking at the debris left around by the twolegs. We found a half torn journal, with only one read-able page. 

"Hello journal, today; We're venturing into uncharted land. I think.. I think this might be my last time alive. I just doubt there'll be any trouble. It's a damn Bamboo Grove for god's sake! Only think dangerous there is Pandas dropping from the heavens, and killing you by sitting on your corpse. I just hope i make it out alive, i want to see my baby girl again.. I want to see my wife. I'll write again once we had a quick break."

"This bamboo Grove is evil! Nothing here but deadly bamboo falling and Komodo Dragons watching your every move! We need to get in and out quickly! If there's any hope, we'll succeed.. Oh my god.. Ambush! Att--"


A bit of the Scenery at the entrance.