Aria is a tiger hybrid which resides in Bamboo Grove most of the time, but can be seen occasionally in Auara Mesa. Unlike the other creatures, she is not an adventurer, just giving out quests.

Aria the adventurer

Appearance Edit

Aria's got red hair and cat-like amber eyes, her skin is furred, like a tiger's and she's got feline ears and tail. She also has a wound on her left eye, which she got in a fight with the twolegs.

Backstory Edit

Because of the low resources, the twolegs made several experiments with injecting animal DNA in each other, which would help them survive easily. However, the experiments went wrong and instead of twolegs getting animal features, they started giving birth to hybrids. This is how Aria was born. She ran away from the lab the twolegs held her in, but couldn't save her brother. However, she keeps searching for him and hoping he's alright. She started living in Bamboo Grove with the rest of creatures.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Aria is strong, fast, and has quick reflexes that save her when in trouble. However, she isn't much of a fighter, she dislikes violence and prefers a quiet life in the Grove. Instead, she gives quests to her friends.