Chibi Aether

Aether as a hatchling

Completed wyvern
Aether is a Wyvern (a species of dragon). She lives on the top of the great hill in Auara Mesa collecting piles of gold and other gems. Aether hates all humanity and wants it to become extinct. Due to her mother's death by hunters, she will always kill a human on sight.


Aether is a blue, Dragon-like, two legged beast (hind). She has a red underbelly, bottom jaw, wings and eyebrows. At the end of her tail is a hot burning flame. Her expression is calm at first, but when provoked, her mouth will curl into a snarl and her eyes turn sunshine yellow. Aether's design is based upon the Pokémon Salamence.


Aether is a calm and clever wyvern. She normally doesn't think too much about her actions and decisions. She is a lone creature. She is happy when no one is around her except her playful pets. If insulted, attacked or annoyed, Aether loses her temper and mortally wounds the provoker. Its best to stay away from her when she is grumpy. In her spare time, she likes to play with her pets, read or do algebra (she loves it).

Claw attack!

Claw attack!



❇Breathing scalding water/hot fire and emiting supersonic sounds

❇Can create twisters

❇Razor wings


❇Strong smoke/rumble machines and deadly seed launchers (known to humans as fighting vehicles and guns)

❇Strong water attacks

❇Negative witchcraft/voodoo magic


❇All the other magnificent beasts on this wiki

❇Some twoleg food


❇All things that glitter, glow or shine


❇Twolegs (humans)

❇Rumble machines

❇Deadly seed launchers