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Aether the Wyvern

Story Ideas

This is where we will talk about the upcoming wiki story:

1. It should be a collab between the users of this wiki.

2. We have to include the most important moments of the wiki: discovering Bamboo Grove; the battle of Bamboo Grove; the melting of the Shrine; rebuilding the shrine; etc.

3. We need an antagonist. Not the twolegs. A monster that would be an enemy to both us and the twolegs.

4. A template like the one for AJWiki Stories.

5. Should we make it a story series?

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Elise the white swan
Aether the Wyvern

To find a Enemy, you must think about it's attributes, what it can do, if it's got a good side? All these questions, need to be asked. Maybe someone supernatrural, or something realistic. But realistic would be hard, since most things that appose the Human race, die .. Maybe an animal, with something special, like powers of an element, or shaman.

I roleplay as a Shaman bear, so i'd be extremely powerful, which means; I can heal others, and myself, if I choose. To stop myself from being too OP, I only can attack with Elemental balls. 

Shadow balls, Light balls, -Enterelementname-balls, and I throw healing balls at people who need it. 

Therefore, if you choose the antagonist has minions/followers, that could happen. 

Like the phantoms, in Animal Jam. They're minions, of the Royal -- Phantom King and possibly Queen. They're produces from emotions or something .. 


3. The antagonist could be a creature that is nice at first but betrays the main characters later on in the story.

4. Good idea, but who could do it?

5.  Possibly.


OK but who should start the story? I think it should be Chup

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