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• 11/17/2014

!Attention Users!

I have been gone due to this Wiki being less active and I have been working with anither Wiki. Until we have more users, it is possible this wiki may fall. I know that would suck but we must stop this incolence! I will come back on the 18th to see if we got better. Please try!
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• 10/30/2014

Dead Wiki

Our Wiki has not had much at all lately! We have only me and Elise partaking in missions! Guys, we used to be on more! The Wiki is very quiet and we need to take part of an effort!
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• 10/25/2014

Story Ideas

This is where we will talk about the upcoming wiki story:
1. It should be a collab between the users of this wiki.
2. We have to include the most important moments of the wiki: discovering Bamboo Grove; the battle of Bamboo Grove; the melting of the Shrine; rebuilding the shrine; etc.
3. We need an antagonist. Not the twolegs. A monster that would be an enemy to both us and the twolegs.
4. A template like the one for AJWiki Stories.
5. Should we make it a story series?
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• 10/20/2014


I had an idea that we could start guilds. I thought this time,we could have a community vote! 
If yes,say yes.
If no,say heck no!
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• 9/27/2014

Halloween Ideas

Since there is a Halloween team, here we can discuss ideas for Halloween
What about a Halloween themed quest of the week?
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• 9/30/2014

Halloween Update!

Okay,I have been thinking of ideas and decide we could make a Halloween team!This team will decide abnosmome treats for this amazing website during October!We can plan events and other things.If you would like to join,awnser on this thread.
Members:Elise,Frosty,Foxstar, and Rag

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• 8/30/2014

Ideas thread

Hey everyone! Aether here! I have decided to create a thread for ideas, so we don't need to make loads of messages on message walls. Hopefully your ideas will improve the wiki!
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• 8/29/2014


Sorry, I was gone for a bit for reasons I can't state. BUT I AM BACK YAY!
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• 8/28/2014

Wiki inactivity

GUYS! We have been pretty inactivy for like...2 or 1 weeks! We need to step up!
1. Bamboo Grove should be made already!
2. I heard an idea about this "jungle of eccsence" (spelling) Someone make the page for it please.
3. CHUP!!! YOU HAVE BEEN SO INACTIVE!!! Please come back :(
4. Spirit crow wanted to write a story related to this wiki.
5. More ideas, pages ROLEPLAY!!!!
Thats all for now ;(. Now, lets go or this wiki will be a failiure.
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• 8/6/2014

Congrats to our leader -- Chupacabra!

For making a soon-to-be-excellent wiki!
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